our experienced staff provide the following services:


- Childrens dentistry

- White and amalgam fillings

- Preventative fissure sealants

- Hygienist for descaling and
  cleaning of teeth and
  advice for oral hygeine

- Simple and complex
  extractions including wisdom

- Teeth bleaching

- Orthodontics and dental

- Intra venous sedation

- Cosmetic all porcelain
  veneers and crowns

- Root canal

- Dentures


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Our Experienced Staff will provide the following services:

  • Scaling and polishing your teeth
  • Preventative fissure sealants
  • Hygienist for descaling and cleaning of teeth and advice for oral hygeine
  • White or amalgam fillings
  • Simple and complex extractions including impacted wisdom teeth
  • Crowns and Bridges
  • All Root Canal treatments
  • Plastic or chrome cobalt dentures
  • Cosmetic porcelain veneers and all ceramic bridges
  • Teeth Bleaching
  • Orthodontic and Dental Implants
  • Intravenous Sedation
  • Childrens Dentistry
  • Sports guards & Night-grinding (bruxing) guards.


Treatment is provided for private and PRSI Patients. Our staff are highly qualified in the most modern treatments. We maintain our excellent skill levels through regular professional dental courses.



Where bleaching will not provide a suitable cosmetic result porcelain veneers may be the answer. They are very thin fine porcelain facings put on teeth (like fake fingernails) to cover discolouration, misshaped, heavily filled teeth. Cosmetic fixed restorations to replace missing teeth.



Crowns are laboratory made complex restorations put on heavily restored or non vital teeth and are usually made of porcelain bonded to gold or all porcelain. The teeth are already compromised so how long they last is very variable, you must maintain them eg. brushing and flossing attending regular checkups and not putting any undue pressure on the (chewing on biros, biting on nails or hard sweets etc)



Bridges are simply crowns supported onto an adjacent tooth to replace a missing tooth where you don't want a removable denture. These provide both a functional and comestic result.  You must follow instruction given, eg. brushing, flossing and attending regular checkups. Other possible options would be dentures or implants.   Donal can discuss which option best suits your needs.



Implants are titanium screws placed in the jaw bone to hold a permanent restoration. They are used to replace missing teeth. The advantage of these are that no other tooth is prepared.  While they are expensive, they are the closest thing to having a natural tooth replaced.


Root Canals:

Root Canal Treatments are the the removal of infected or inflamed nerve tissue. This is usually done on a tooth that is heavily restored or decayed and that would otherwise require extraction.  Root treatment provides rapid relief from severe toothache. 



In 6 months you'll be smiling but in 18 you'll be laughing. Tailor made treatment plans to suit individual specific needs.  We carry out Orthodontic treatment on both Adult and children.  We provide clear aligners for mildly crowded teeth.  You are never too old to improve your smile.